10 Educational Resources that Encourage a Long and Healthy Life

According to studies published by the National Institutes on Health (NIH), maintaining a healthy diet and participating in consistent physical activity, along with establishing a good support network leads to healthier and longer lives. Learn about more health behaviors that lead to better health and longevity at the following educational websites.

  1. We Can

    We Can, a children’s activity and nutrition health initiative, in partnership with the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, provides activities for children and parents to promote healthy lifestyles that lead to better long term health. Links to health education topics such as nutrition, exercise and community are designed to instill lifelong healthy habits for kids and their caretakers.

  2. Kids Health

    Developing healthy habits in childhood is one of the best indicators of health in later years. KidsHealth sponsors an informational and educational site for children, teens and parents. The site includes links for general health, growth & development, nutrition and fitness. The children’s link includes quizzes and videos to enhance learning.

  3. Stanford Center on Longevity

    The Stanford Center on Longevity, in association with Stanford University, features research-based information and education about the relationship between health and longevity. According to the center’s mission statement, the program, titled Redesigning Long Life, focuses on innovative technology and science “to solve the problems of people over 50 and improve the well-being of people of all ages.”

  4. Eat Right

    The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics sponsors the national “eat right” program, delivering research and education. Resources for individuals include information and education about healthy weight loss, food safety, nutrition for life and disease management and prevention. The health initiative also features the “kids eat right” program, focusing on kid’s recipes, positive body image and scientifically-based guidance designed especially for children.

  5. InteliHealth

    The InteliHealth website, sponsored by aetna, features well-organized and well-researched literature discussing chronic disease, nutrition and exercise, complementary medicine and the opportunity to submit questions directly to doctors from Harvard medical school. The site is sub-divided into sections for children, women, men and seniors.

  6. Harvard Healthbeat

    Harvard Healthbeat, published by Harvard Medical School, provides a plethora of evidence-based information and educational resources for building health, which leads to living longer lives. The website’s blog provides news about the latest health and longevity research from Harvard educators.

  7. Vital Longevity

    The University of Texas at Dallas features The Center for Vital Longevity is “dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the aging mind” The website features the latest information to promote cognitive and mental health throughout the aging process. Access to the latest research findings, translated for the layperson, in addition to expert advice and opinion for developing healthy behaviors that lead to longer lives.

  8. Women’s Health

    The University of Washington Women’s Health initiative provides evidence-based information and resources for women interested in living healthier and longer lives. In addition to diet recommendations, the website also provides articles pertaining to women’s health issues.

  9. UCLA Longevity Center

    The UCLA Longevity Center focuses on seniors interested in healthy aging. Online and in-person evidence-based courses are available featuring memory training, brain fitness and other areas of interest that promote health and longevity.

  10. Aging

    The National Institute on Aging, in alliance with the National Institutes of Health, features the latest research related to health and aging, tips and feature length articles providing informative facts, backed by research, to help individuals lead healthier and longer lives.