5 Surprising Health Risks Facing Seniors

Growing up is hard to do, and growing older can be especially difficult. Seniors deal with aging bodies, minds, and a culture that’s not fully appreciative of those in their golden years. With so many things to consider about old age, there remain surprises in senior life, both good and bad. If you don’t like surprises, do yourself a favor and check out these health risks facing seniors.

  1. Denial

    It’s No. 1 with a bullet. It’s a nearly proven fact that most diseases are caused by stress and stress-related tolls on the body and mind, but denial is the other side of that coin. If you’re stressed out enough to get sick from it, you’re probably stressed out enough to ignore detrimental physical effects. Denial of the self and one’s environment can lead to Senile Squalor Syndrome, commonly known as “hoarding.” Denial of one’s body and mind can also lead to excess weight, poor hygiene, and potentially fatal health problems. Prescription? Get real about what’s going on inside of you.

  2. Elder Abuse

    Elder abuse could be as prevalent as child abuse, though it’s certainly not as publicized. Neglect, abuse, and disregard are some of the issues seniors may have to face. It’s almost impossible to think about, but it’s worse among minority, poor, and underrepresented populations. Elder financial abuse is also a common happening, often leaving senior citizens without proper financial backing for necessary medical care in times of illness.

  3. Hydration

    Water, water everywhere! One of the best things you can do for your body is stay hydrated, and it’s a fact that most Americans are lacking in water. Proper hydration is what allows the body’s cells to function at their optimum rate, and it’s increasingly important as we age. Senior citizens should be mindful of their water intake, and increase it based on climate, health condition, and time of year.

  4. Food Choices

    With heart disease and diabetes running rampant, seniors should be extremely mindful of their food choices. You are what you eat, and poor nutrition can amplify other health conditions. There’s nothing better than eating to live, and senior citizens can easily incorporate healthy food choices into their daily routines.

  5. Driving

    Unfortunately, it might not be that surprising. Driving vehicles can cause serious health risks to seniors, especially those who haven’t had an eye exam in awhile. Although our elders have earned the right to be as independent as they can be for as long as possible, sometimes you’ve just got to hang up the keys.