7 Household Items that Double as Workout Equipment

When it comes to working out, all you really need is weight, resistance, and a sturdy surface to stand on. As much as we love our stability balls and free weights, we can do without them, or better yet, find alternatives for this equipment inside our homes. With a little creativity and craftiness, you can get a great workout using these seven household items that double as workout equipment. Check them out below.

  1. Milk jugs:

    Milk jugs aren’t just for pouring, they’re also made for curling. Milk jugs are a cheap and effective alternative to kettlebells and dumbbells. Best of all, you can make them as light or heavy as you want. Add water, sand, or rocks to an empty gallon jug and you’ve got yourself a heavy weight for bicep curls and shoulder presses.

  2. Doorframe:

    Take advantage of your tall doorframe the next time you want to improve your posture and stretch your chest, back, arms, and legs. If your doorframes are strong and sturdy enough, you can install a pull-up bar to do chin-ups and other challenging workouts right in your doorway. You can get really creative on this one.

  3. Towel:

    Something as simple as a hand towel can double as kick-butt workout equipment. Aside from the obvious use of wiping away sweat and providing a clean place to lay your head, a bath towel can also be used for gliding reverse lunges and crunches.

  4. Chair:

    The same chairs you sit in to eat dinner and watch TV can serve as excellent workout equipment. Use a kitchen chair to do push-ups, tricep dips, single leg squats, step-ups, or simply use the chair to balance yourself as you lift weights or stretch. There are endless options to the types of exercises you can do using a simple chair.

  5. Rope:

    If you happen to come across a thick, sturdy rope lying around the garage, grab it immediately! Ropes are some of the best workout tools of all time. Remember rope climbing in gym class? Well, now you can relive those agonizing (and effective) workouts by swinging a rope over a fixed object, such as a sturdy tree branch, and doing inverted rows, pull-ups, or suspended pushups.

  6. Pillows:

    Don’t underestimate the exercise potential of pillows. Even though they are soft and fluffy, pillows are unstable and hard to balance on. But it’s this wobbly surface that makes them excellent tools for core-stability work and lower-body strengthening. You can do squats, push-ups, and Pilates stretches using pillows of all sizes and shapes. Bonus, you’ll have a soft place to lay your head for a post-workout nap.

  7. PVC pipe:

    If you have a nine-foot long (give or take) PVC pipe lying around the house, you’re in luck! A PVC pipe can easily be transformed into a homemade slosh pipe that offers a great full body workout. To make one, simply cap one end and fill the tube halfway with sand or water and seal it shut. The slosh pipe can be incorporated into numerous workouts, such as lunges and overhead presses.