7 Ways to Work Out on a Budget

You don’t need a state-of-the art gym or expensive equipment to get a good workout. Paying out the nose for a locker, towel service, steam room, and other amenities you rarely use is just plain wasteful. With a little creativity and a keen eye for bargains, you can exercise for nearly nothing and have more wiggle room for cool things, like a new pair of running shoes. Here are seven ways to work out on a budget:

  1. Go to public parks:

    Your local park is bound to have the same, if not better, workout potential as a stuffy, expensive gym. Best of all, it’s free! Run or bike along the trails, do sit-ups on a bench, and hang on a pull-up bar. The workout options are endless in a public park, but you definitely have to be a little creative.

  2. Work out at home:

    No matter how big or small your house is, you can turn just about any room into a fully functional gym. Move your furniture aside or incorporate it into your workouts. Lift your bed up and down for a great back and arm workout, or do tricep dips using the edge of a sturdy chair or table. Even the contents of your kitchen can double as weights.

  3. Buy exercise videos:

    Exercise videos are a convenient, inexpensive way to work out on a budget. Check out used bookstores, online stores, and sporting goods stores for discounted exercise videos that you will want to pop in again and again. When you grow tired of the videos, sell them back or trade with friends to mix up your workout regimen.

  4. Watch YouTube videos:

    Believe it or not, YouTube actually has a lot of great exercise videos for viewers who want to shake up their workout routine and learn new moves. You can rewind, fast forward, pause, or stop the videos whenever you need to, and, best of all, it’s always free.

  5. Buy a few basic pieces of equipment:

    It is completely possible to get a great workout by using just a few basic pieces of equipment. Make it cheaper and buy second-hand equipment or clearance items. For example, you might want to start off by getting a jump rope for cardio, a set of dumbbells for strength training, and a stability ball or yoga mat for stretching and core workouts.

  6. Maximize your everyday activities:

    You don’t have to be dressed in gym wear or use special equipment to sneak in a good workout every day. Everyday activities like playing with your kids or doing household chores can be maximized with a little extra effort and speed. Don’t just watch your kids play; join in by chasing them around the backyard. You can also work up a pretty mean sweat by scrubbing the floors or washing the dishes with a little extra elbow grease.

  7. Look for discounts and coupons:

    If you need a little variety in your workouts, check out deal-of-the-day websites and your local gyms to see what specials are available. Websites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Daily Deals offer boot camps, yoga classes, personal training sessions, and other workouts at a discounted rate.