Health Education Resources

General Health Information:

  • Medline Plus, the National Library of Medicine’s health directory website, features health news, drug information and a medical dictionary that offers definitions for medical terms, illnesses and medications.
  • compiles health news articles and offers a general directory of illnesses, conditions and diseases.
  • Web MD is a good resource for basic information on illnesses and diseases, drugs and health. The site also includes articles on healthy living, diet and exercise.
  • The Center for Disease Control provides official government information on illness and disease and their prevention. They also provide healthy living information including food safety facts, weight loss information and heart health advice.
  • Loyola Medicine has compiled a thorough directory of the different medical specialties and specific fields of medicine that different types of doctors practice.

Health News and Resources for Medical Professionals:

  • The Mayo Clinic posts journal articles and research development news that is geared towards medical professionals on their medical laboratory site.
  • The New England Journal of Medicine is a thorough resource for health news and research results that aims to keep doctors informed.

Patient Support Resources:

  • provides helpful resources and support groups for patients with     chronic illnesses and diseases.
  • The American Cancer Society offers cancer patients and their families information, advice and support.

Doctor and Hospital Reviews:

  • Health Grades compiles directories of local doctors and hospitals as well as patient reviews. They also list which insurance carriers different doctors and hospitals accept.
  • Healthcare Reviews is an international directory of doctors and hospitals that compiles patient reviews.
  • Consumer Reports offers rankings and ratings on hospitals, top surgeons, medical devices and procedures.

Health Insurance Information: