Medical Journalism Resources

The American Journal of Medicine: This is the official journal of the Association of Professors of Medicine in the United States. It holds both data results and popular information pieces.

American Family Physician: This journal studies common American diseases, the latest treatments, and current research. The website allows viewers to choose a topic or find information particularly suited to their place in a practice.

Annals of Internal Medicine: This site provides articles concerning health trends and the latest medical frontiers in the United States. It provides a good hybridization of legal, ethical, and medical matters.

British Medical Journal (BMJ): BMJ is one of the most elite medical journals in the world. The website has both a public section with free articles and a subscriber side. This site is ideal for doctors interested in popular coverage of medical research.

Circulation: When it comes to cardiology and similar circulatory fields, this journal specializes in the latest news and studies.

Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine: This is a highly traditional online medical journal with solid information and an easy-to-use new article alert system. It is has a focus on medical supplements.

Disease in Childhood: This subscription-based journal examines highly specific medical conditions and strategies related to children. It frequently moves beyond disease to discuss how to examine children, relate information to parents or teens, and tackle similar issues.

electronic Journal of Health Informatics: The eJHI is a unique medical journal, an international Open Access journal that attempts to cover a broad amount of information suitable for all levels of the medical field across major nationals. The broad scope makes eJHI a resource for topics and articles that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Epidemiology: This more technical medical journal explores research relating to statistical occurrences of diseases like cancer and heart disease.

European Journal of Public Health: This journal focuses primarily on the social aspects of medicine and studies relating to European demographics.

Family Practice: Family Practice is a useful journal for general practice doctors or teachers who want to keep up with the latest research and how it affects their patient groups.

General Practice Online: GP Online is another British journal. Despite its English focus and minimal online format, GP Online provides a reliable source of the latest thought in general practice subjects.l

Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management: This simple, registration-based journal is an excellent source for healthcare administrators and managers working to adopt better patient treatment policies and study problems like hospital noise pollution.

Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health: This journal provides an international overview on occurrence and prevention, with research, commentaries, and editorials. Many reports are linked to social and governmental decision-making around the world.

Journal of Public Health: With papers on public policy, ethical issues, health protection, and service improvement, this journal is especially ideal for those searching for political perspectives on medicine and research on the latest health trends.

The Lancet: This down-to-earth medical journal covers a variety of both testing results and international health news. From euthanasia debates in the Netherlands to risk factors in epilepsy treatment in Kenya, the Lancet keeps tabs on it all.

Medical Humanities: This subscription-based journal offers much content (especially articles older than year) for viewing without payment, and has a unique perspective on medical news and its connection to history, the arts, and sociological perspectives. It may be especially useful for students who want an interesting take for their research projects.

Medscape: This popular medical journal may not be as technical as smaller publications, but it offers a broad number of entertaining and news-oriented articles that are relatively easy to digest. Multiple categories make it easy to narrow articles down to a specific field.

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report: MMWR Weekly is a highly specific form of journal focused United States death data and causes.

The New England Journal of Medicine: Another big name in the medical journal field, NEJM has a highly developed website and a host of articles from many different points of view. With its embrace of multimedia and “Perspective” articles, NEJM is ideal for all types of viewers.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine: OEM, part of the BMJ family, covers a broad number of cutting edge research topics and medical perspectives. A focus is placed on medical issues in the workplace, from seafaring to factories.

Trauma Monthly: Trauma Monthly examines natural disasters, accidents, and other causes of severe trauma. This journal is good reading for the emergency room expert, or for those interested in general trauma theory.