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Is Term Life Insurance Right for Me?

When looking for life insurance, be aware that there are a few different types of insurance that will pay different benefits. Term life insurance is good only for a certain period of time. The time is set when you purchase the policy. If you cannot afford to spend a lot of money on a policy, […]

What is a Life Insurance Policy Owner?

The owner of a life insurance policy is the person that has the legal authority over the policy. As the owner of a policy, you have the authority to make policy changes (e.g. beneficiary changes, coverage changes) and in general manage the policy. In most cases, the insured will be the owner of the policy, […]

What Should I Do If I Have Problems In Getting Life Insurance Coverage?

Of course, life insurance companies cannot issue policies to everyone just because they want it. Then you would have terminally ill people purchasing high amounts, not paying very much into the policy, they would die soon after and the insurance company would have to pay out the cash amount of the policy. Generally, the life […]

What are My Life Insurance Requirements?

Your life insurance requirements are dependent on an overall analysis of your financial situation. A “needs analysis” will help you to determine what type and amount of coverage is most appropriate for your situation. Consult an advisor that will sit down with you and compare your financial assets (e.g. investment accounts, retirement assets, property holdings, […]

What is the Face Value of a Life Insurance Policy?

The face value of your life insurance policy is the total value that the purchased policy is worth. This is the amount stated on the paperwork of your policy, and the number specified in the terms. The number can some times fluctuate though, depending on the terms of the policy, and different investments rates the […]

How Can a Consumer Find the Best Coverage For The Lowest Premiums for Life Insurance?

When shopping for life insurance, it is wise to get quotes from as many different companies as possible before you purchase a policy. There are insurance agents that deal with multiple companies that can provide several quotes and policies from different companies. It is always a good idea to meet with several different agents before […]

What Is A Life Insurance Cash Value Plan?

If you want a policy that has cash value, that plan will charge more in the early years than a term policy would. The life insurance policies would be comparable in the amount of life insurance. What happens to the extra money? It is invested and is used to establish the cash value, which will […]

Who Is Eligible for Life Insurance?

You may want to know who is eligible for viatical settlements. It is important to have this information so you can know that the person you are hoping to help get viatical settlements and will be qualified for it. In order to be qualified for viatical settlements, you must have life insurance and be considered […]

As I am Disabled, What Are The Life Insurance Riders To Be Paid Attention To?

A life insurance policy can be a very complex legal document, and many times there are elements in it that you may not think to look at. These often ignored side elements are called riders, and there are some of them that you must consider. This is particularly true, if you are disabled. That is […]