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Do I Need to Release Medical Information to Insurance Companies that Promise No Physical Needed?

Sometimes life insurance is, indeed, sold under the promise that no physical exam will be required to be eligible for the coverage. This does not mean that you do not need to fully release any medical information they may ask for; if you do not, they have the right to cancel your policy. There is […]

How Do I Find a Good Life Insurance Agent?

In order to find the best life insurance agent there are a few steps you should take. First of all, in addition to using the quote form on top of this site, you should ask around. Getting a referral from someone you know and trust will surely help you find the right agent. If you […]

My Agent Wants To Review My Policies – Is This A Sales Pitch?

Insurance agents periodically review their client’s policies as a way to ensure that their needs are continually being met. As things in your life change, so does your insurance needs. Families grow, beneficiaries change, divorces happen and many other events that could call for a change in your policy. During these events the last thing […]

In What Way Do I Find the Best Value for My Money When Acquiring Life Insurance?

There are several hints and suggestions that will help you get the most for you dollar, the “best deal” for your buck, as some might say, when purchasing life insurance. The most important and key variable in determining the price of your life insurance is your age. This is why you should purchase life insurance […]

Should I Be Looking at a “Term” or “Full Life” Life Insurance Policy?

It really is going to depend on your financial goals and needs for the future. A “term” life insurance policy is a great way to ensure that you have short term coverage for larger liabilities that are most likely to lie in the near future. A “term” policy is going to be much less expensive […]

How Do I Go About Determining How Much Life Insurance I Need?

A basic review of your liabilities (e.g. outstanding debts, mortgages) and some general estimates of future family expenses (e.g. college tuition, weddings) can give you a rough idea of how much life insurance coverage you should be holding. However, getting a professional analysis of your financial situation and likely future expenses can provide a much […]

What Are Life Insurance Riders & When Can I Add Them?

You can add extra benefits to your life insurance policy. The people may have signed up for a whole insurance policy and then do not end up loving the policy, they may seek to add supplements to that policy. One of these supplements would be a rider for example. Look at a rider as something […]

Should You Define Your Needs Before You Shop for a Life Insurance Policy?

How does a consumer know what policy is right for them and their loved ones? There are many insurance companies and agents selling life insurance. The consumer should know what they need before they start shopping. The first step to knowing and understanding your personal needs for life insurance is to define what it will […]

Can You Receive A Life Insurance Refund?

For many people these days, money is very tight. The last thing that you want or need right now is to toss more money out of the window. Therefore, you need to know what happens if you pay your life insurance premium and then decide to cancel the policy. You want to know if you […]

What do the letters C.L.U, Lutc, and Chartered Financial Planner Mean in Relation to My Life Insurance Agent?

It all has to do with training. These letters and designations, as well as other letters and designations simply tell you how much training your representative has had beyond the basic required amount of training. The basic training is given to all sales representatives of your representative’s company, but they can take it one or […]