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The Funeral Home Wants To Be My Named Beneficiary, Is This A Good Idea?

The answer to this question is simple: No, naming a funeral home or director as your beneficiary is not in your or your family’s best interest for several reasons. First, and foremost, there will be no discretion to how the funds are spent in taking care of your burial. Your family will not have any […]

Who Can Benefit From My Life Insurance Policy?

Who can benefit from my life insurance policy? When buying a life insurance policy there are certain things to consider. One of those things is who to choose as the beneficiary of your new life insurance policy. Usually that person would be our immediate family member or relative or maybe a business partner, but there […]

Is It Possible To Have Life Insurance Paid To A Grandchild?

The short answer is yes, it is completely possible. A word of precaution, in the case of a grandchild who is a minor, it might be preferable or smarter to have the proceeds paid to a trusted person instead of directly to the child. This should be a person that you trust to use the […]

If My Significant Other Died, Can I Benefit From Their Insurance If I Can’t Find The Policy?

There is no need to worry, if you cannot find the policies. A great deal of information is kept online and in other places nowadays, and things can be tracked down quickly. The time when you lose a piece of paper could destroy your plans, is over. Not only do they keep track electronically of […]