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Is It Normal for Life Insurance Companies to Investigate The Validity Of A Death Benefits Collection, Thereby Delaying Benefits Payouts?

The insurance companies can take a while to award you the death benefits that you are entitled to. The national office and the local offices of a life insurance company sometimes have to investigate the passing of one of their clients. It happens to be a very normal process. Things can be worked out if […]

Will A Beneficary That Receives Social Security, Have Their Income Affected If They Receive A Payment?

When a beneficiary receives a payment from a life insurance policy it will not compromise their Social Security benefits. A payment of a life insurance policy is not considered taxable income. Therefore, payments cannot be decreased because someone was the recipient of a life insurance payment. As an additional note, people who receive a life […]

What Are My Options Regarding Collecting on the Death Benefits Of A Life Insurance Policy?

After a member of my family died, I received correspondence from the insurance company asking me to allow them to hold the money from the policy in a special fund. According to them, this way I would have the option to be able to write out cheques against the funds when I needed to. Is […]

How Do You Go About Filing A Life Insurance Claim?

If you are the beneficiary listed on a life insurance policy, it is important that you contact the nearest office of the insurance provider. You can visit the office in person in order to file a claim, or give the company a call for the proper instructions if the insurance company does not have an […]

Is It Possible To Have Life Insurance Paid To A Grandchild?

The short answer is yes, it is completely possible. A word of precaution, in the case of a grandchild who is a minor, it might be preferable or smarter to have the proceeds paid to a trusted person instead of directly to the child. This should be a person that you trust to use the […]

How to Resolve a Missing Insurance Policy After A Relative’s Death

When a close relative, like a mother or father, dies and their life insurance can not be found, many people are unsure of the next step. Unless you know specific information regarding their policy, like which company carried it and if the policy is still in force, there are a few different possibilities regarding the […]

Are There Special Life Insurance Provisions For Death Benefits, Paid While Living?

Your life insurance policy may have what is called an accelerated death benefit provision. You may be eligible for those benefits, if you are diagnosed with certain medical conditions. You are diagnosed with AIDS. You are in need of an organ transplant. You are being placed into nursing home care. Not all insurance companies have […]

If A Family Member Dies And I Don’t Have The Policy Information, Can I Still Collect On It?

The first thing you need to do is determine if you have any physical evidence of the policy. Presuming that you can find some indication that the policy exists (e.g. summary paperwork, records of payment) and with which company you should contact the insurance company, promptly to inquire as to whether the policy has lapsed […]

If My Significant Other Died, Can I Benefit From Their Insurance If I Can’t Find The Policy?

There is no need to worry, if you cannot find the policies. A great deal of information is kept online and in other places nowadays, and things can be tracked down quickly. The time when you lose a piece of paper could destroy your plans, is over. Not only do they keep track electronically of […]

What Is A Life Insurance Cash Value Plan?

If you want a policy that has cash value, that plan will charge more in the early years than a term policy would. The life insurance policies would be comparable in the amount of life insurance. What happens to the extra money? It is invested and is used to establish the cash value, which will […]