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How Do Life Insurance Companies Calculate The Risk Factors?

Ever since the 17th century, when Edmund Halley, (the famous English astronomer that Halley’s Comet is named after) created the very first scientific table outlining a person’s presumed longevity; insurance companies have had the blueprints to modern-day life insurance plan calculations.  Halley’s “mortality tables”, as they were called, relied heavily on factoring in a person’s […]

Should I Check On The Insurance Providers Financial Stability?

In the past few years, a few life insurance companies have gone under. While most of the people received the money they were entitled to for their investments, the hassle and struggle it caused was devastating. You should review the financial information about the company you are deciding to use before you purchase a policy. […]

Will My Life Insurance Company Always Survive?

If you already hold life insurance or are considering buying life insurance, you have probably wondered to yourself, if you can feel completely secure in the company from which you buy insurance. It should be no surprise that many have had this question swirling around in their mind, after all life insurance is a long […]

How Do I Know A Life Insurance Company Won’t Suddenly Go Out Of Business?

You can easily check the financial stability of any given life insurance business by looking them up with any of the various rating agencies. A lot of insurance agencies will display their rating on their websites but it is always a good idea to verify their rating with a third party. The primary organization that […]

How Can I Find Out About A Life Insurance Company’s Financial Strength?

There are several places to look. These places rate life insurance companies. Although, each of these places use a different rating system and should be compared when trying to research a company. Always get more than one opinion. These places include A.M. Best Company, Moody’s Investor Service, Standard and Poor’s, Duff and Phelps, and Weiss […]

When A Life Insurance Company Becomes Insolvent And Is Liquidated, What Happens?

What happens when a life insurance company becomes insolvent, it is rescued by other life insurance companies that have headquarters or do business in the same state as the failing company. This has little effect on the policyholders of the failing company. For some time, however, they may be unable to withdraw money. Eventually, though, […]

How Do Life Insurance Cost Indexes Work?

It isn’t always easy to accurately compare costs from one life insurance plan to another. Just relating the prices of one premium to another isn’t quite enough. The policies may have vastly different stipulations, even though the actual costs may be similar. The premiums are subject to change in some policies but not in others. […]

Do Life Insurance Comapny Ratings Really Matter?

Truth be told, a life insurance policy is a set of promises by the parties involved, which in this case, you are who is the policy holder and the insurance company. The company makes the promise to pay the claims when required and you promise to be paying premiums. Just like with any other promise, […]

Life Insurance Ratings: How Do I Interpret Them?

This depends on the service that you are using. Every place that offers rating will have a different method and scale. To find out how to interpret their ratings properly, find out their grading scale and the definitions of their ratings for each individual rating. A helpful hint, no matter where you are getting the […]

How Can I Check the Financial Strength of My Life Insurance Company?

There are a number of companies that track the financial information of life insurance companies (as well as many other companies). Some of those companies include Moody’s Investors Services, Standard and Poor’s, and Weiss Research. Any of those services will be able to give you a wide array of information about, just about any life […]