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Is It Possible For A Domestic Partner Who Is Considered Common-Law, Obtain Life Insurance Benefits of An Unnamed Beneficiary?

If you are considered married by common law marriage, do you get the death benefit of a policy that does not have a beneficiary named? There are a few ways that a spouse who is considered married by common law,that will be able to get the death benefit on a life insurance policy. This person […]

In A Domestic Partnership, Do You Qualify To Have A Spouse Rider On Your Life Insurance Policy?

If you live in a state that recognizes common law marriages, you may be able to qualify for a spouse rider. However it must be noted that only 13 states legally recognize common law marriages, contrary to common belief. If you do not live in a common law state or if the state you live […]

Can Domestic Partners Own Your Life Insurance Policy?

If I have a domestic partner, is it possible for them to own my life insurance policy? It is very hard to give your domestic partner the ownership of your assets, unless you live in a community property state. To make this task much more easier it is important that you make your domestic partner […]

If My Partner Has Given Birth To A Child Using Artificial Insemination, Can I Have A Rider Added To My Policy To Cover The Child?

According to the insurance industry standards, you must be the parent or legal guardian of a child to add a rider to your life insurance policy. You do not have to be a biological parent. In the event of a domestic partnership, you can still cover the child, if you have legally adopted the child […]