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The Life of Rodney King: 7 Memorable Quotes

In 1991, Rodney King was the victim of police brutality that would set off a wave of public disquiet towards racial discrimination. Forced into the role of a civil rights figure, King’s life became very public from that day onward, uncovering both his saintly attributes and the gritty, dark nature of his alcohol and drug […]

As A Single Parent, Can I Use My Child Support Payments To Pay For Life Insurance Premiums?

This depends. From a moral standpoint, those payments you receive from your child’s other parent are meant to be used to provide your child a life that is comfortable, happy and healthy, not to pay insurance premiums. However, should you find that you are supporting your child comfortably on your own and have a college […]

As A Single Parent, What Should I Do With My Child’s Other Parent’s Life Insurance Proceeds?

There are many options you can choose to benefit your child, if your child’s other parent has made you the beneficiary of their life insurance policy and has passed away. For a child that is a still a minor, consider this: setting up a trust (with you as the trustee) with some of the funds […]

As A Single Parent, How Much Life Insurance Coverage Is Needed?

To determine how much life insurance a single parent needs can be a complex puzzle. Single parents have unique concerns that other insurance holders do not have, such as where their child will live should they die. Consider if your child will live with someone who will have the financial security necessary to support a […]