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Life Insurance for Your Child?

The idea of buying life insurance for your child may seem a bit out there. Most people think of life insurance as a means for income replacement for a parent if he or she were to suddenly pass away – you certainly don’t rely on the income of your child to keep your family financially […]

Should We Buy Life Insurance For Our Kids?

Many people who want to start to think about life insurance decisions are those who are married. This should not be all that surprising considering the fact that married couples have at least twice as many people to think about. Those married couples with children have even more futures to plan ahead for. Those in […]

Which is Better for Married Couples With Children: Term Or Whole Life Insurance?

For most of us, life insurance is not something that we think about everyday. In fact, for many it is a topic that we would rather avoid talking about. However, if you are a married couple and are interested in protecting your assets should something happen, then you need to consider your options in this […]

When Should A Newly Married Couple Buy Life Insurance?

After we get married, how long should we wait to buy life insurance? If you are getting married, life insurance should be the first thing you buy as a married couple. In fact, if it is possible you should buy life insurance before you get married. Marriage is a bond that will bring you and […]

After I Marry, Should I Obtain New Policies For My Spouse And Kids Or Should I Purchase Riders On My Policy?

After you marry and begin a family, you will want to have protection for your loved ones. Your decision to purchase separate policies or riders will need to be based on a few decisions. First, if you purchase separate policies for your family you are giving them the opportunity for cash growth and securing low […]

As A Married Couple, Should My Stay-At-Home Spouse Get A Life Insurance Policy?

A question that many married couples ponder, it has a simple answer: every single person should have life insurance. When it comes to stay-at-home spouses, think of it like this. That stay-at-home spouse does nearly as much work as an employed person or perhaps even more. They cook, clean, take care of any kids or […]

Should I Buy Life Insurance for Other Members of My Family?

When you are deciding on whom to buy life insurance for, always remember that people who make an income and are heads of the family should be the first priority. If life insurance is put on someone who is young, they would not have been making money anyway. It may sound somewhat cruel, but the […]

Being A Single Parent, What Are The Affordable Life Insurance Options When Obtaining One For Your Children?

There are many different choices that have the ability to satisfy any needs that you or your children may have in the future, but there is no doubt that there is one choice. A life insurance policy is probably not as important as bills, food and groceries, health insurance, and paying your rent and mortgage, […]