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Seasonal Depression and Your Health Insurance

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder? Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that occurs at the same time each year. Symptoms typically begin in the fall and last through the winter months, often worsening until spring. Though less common, people with the opposite pattern will see their symptoms begin in the spring or [...]

Patient Safety and Your Insurance Policy

Patient safety is not only the concern of hospitals, but also of the insurance companies that pay so much of the bill and are often responsible to consumers for the healthcare provided under their plans. In 1999 an Institute of Medicine report found that an average of 98,000 Americans die each year because of medical [...]

The Life Insurance Medical Exam

Life insurance protects the consumer from financial loss at the point of death. It might not be something you want to think about, but it is necessary if you don’t want to leave behind a legacy of debt to your loved ones. Anyone with a dependent should purchase life insurance; otherwise, their spouses, children, or [...]

If My Disability Left Me Uninsurable For Medically Underwritten Life Insurance, What Are My Options?

Yes! There are options. You can try group insurance and guaranteed issue life insurance policies that may be good choices for you, if your disability leaves you in a position that you can’t acquire medically underwritten life insurance. Group insurance does not require individual underwriting, because it is spread out over a group of policyholders, [...]

Which Life Insurance Choice Is Best For Disabled People: Group Life Or An Individual Policy?

For people who are disabled and need insurance, there is always the option of a group life insurance policy. No longer do disabled people have to worry about not being able to have insurance, or that they have to depend on others for their insurance. Many companies do not ask people who apply to state [...]

Will My Life Insurance Company Require a Medical Exam?

In general, it will be necessary to undergo a medical exam to obtain full life insurance coverage. In order to properly assess the risk that your policy represents to the company, some basic medical information will be required for actuarial purposes. The insurance company will set your premium rates based on the amount of risk [...]

When Applying for Life Insurance, Will I Need to Give Personal Information About My Health and Finances?

The answer is usually yes, you will have to give information regarding your medical state and finances. You might have to take medical tests. These are to help determine how much of a risk you will be to the company if they decide to insure you. They will most likely ask for some other information [...]

What Happens to the Medical Information I Disclose on My Life Insurance Application?

It is used only for underwriting insurance purposes. However, there is an organization known as the Medical Information Bureau (MIB), which is located in Boston. The purpose of this organization helps check the accuracy of some information that is asked for on applications, and because of this, certain excerpts from the application may be shared [...]

Do I Need to Release Medical Information to Insurance Companies that Promise No Physical Needed?

Sometimes life insurance is, indeed, sold under the promise that no physical exam will be required to be eligible for the coverage. This does not mean that you do not need to fully release any medical information they may ask for; if you do not, they have the right to cancel your policy. There is [...]

How Can I Acquire a Copy of My Life Insurance MIB Report?

There are a couple of ways to get this information, if you are truly worried (though your company, by law, is not allowed to release your information to anything but the MIB). The first way is to simply ask your insurance company agent. You can also go to the MIB website ( Or, finally, you [...]