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What Happens To My Life Insurance Policy, If I Become Disabled or Unemployed?

If you become unable to pay your life insurance premiums due to disability or loss of work, there are a few options that may help. First, many insurance policies include a temporary waiver of premium payments in the event of temporary unemployment or disability. You should check your policy to see if you can invoke […]

If My Disability Left Me Uninsurable For Medically Underwritten Life Insurance, What Are My Options?

Yes! There are options. You can try group insurance and guaranteed issue life insurance policies that may be good choices for you, if your disability leaves you in a position that you can’t acquire medically underwritten life insurance. Group insurance does not require individual underwriting, because it is spread out over a group of policyholders, […]

Which Life Insurance Choice Is Best For Disabled People: Group Life Or An Individual Policy?

For people who are disabled and need insurance, there is always the option of a group life insurance policy. No longer do disabled people have to worry about not being able to have insurance, or that they have to depend on others for their insurance. Many companies do not ask people who apply to state […]