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Should I Switch My Life Insurance Policy to a New Company?

As time goes on, it appears the standard rates of term life insurance has been declining. This makes it attractive to seek out a lower-cost policy that may fit your needs for a term life insurance policy. Because these rates are competitive it is possible that this switch will be beneficial. However, it is important […]

My Agent Wants To Review My Policies – Is This A Sales Pitch?

Insurance agents periodically review their client’s policies as a way to ensure that their needs are continually being met. As things in your life change, so does your insurance needs. Families grow, beneficiaries change, divorces happen and many other events that could call for a change in your policy. During these events the last thing […]

If My Employers Life Insurance Plan Ended When I Left the Job, Can I Convert it to a Personal Policy?

Given our recent economics times there has been a rise in the number of people wondering about what happens to their benefits from their employers if they are laid off. They also want to know if they will be able to enroll in an individual policy if they are dropped from their employer’s plan when […]

Will Moving To A Different State Affect My Life Insurance Policy?

With life insurance, moving to another state will generally not affect your policy as opposed to an auto insurance policy. On the other hand, if you move to another country, your life insurance policy could be affected. If you move to a country with more violence and other war-like activities, your life insurance rates may […]

Are You Missing Paid-Up Life Insurance Policies, How Can I Locate Them?

The first step in locating paid-up insurance policies is to find any evidence of the policy’s existence. For example, search for any canceled checks, receipts, and old policy payment books that will be aiding in ascertaining the name of the life insurance provider and the policy number. It may be beneficial to check the local […]

What Are Your Options When You Can’t Afford The Premiums To Your Life Insurance Policy With A Cash Value?

In these difficult economic times, many people can not afford the premiums for their life insurance policies. When a life insurance policy has a cash value, there are several options available to the policyholder. One of the most common and often automatic options is for the insurance company to extend term life insurance. The cash […]

If I Forget To Make A Payment On My Insurance- Do I Lose My Benefits?

If I forget to make a payment on my insurance- do I lose my benefits? There is generally a grace period on your life insurance policy that allows you time to catch up on missed premiums. On most policies, that grace period is usually 30 days. If a payment has not been made by the […]

What Happens To My Life Insurance Policy, If I Become Disabled or Unemployed?

If you become unable to pay your life insurance premiums due to disability or loss of work, there are a few options that may help. First, many insurance policies include a temporary waiver of premium payments in the event of temporary unemployment or disability. You should check your policy to see if you can invoke […]

Can You Receive A Life Insurance Refund?

For many people these days, money is very tight. The last thing that you want or need right now is to toss more money out of the window. Therefore, you need to know what happens if you pay your life insurance premium and then decide to cancel the policy. You want to know if you […]