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10 Financial Reasons Why Whole Life Insurance Isn’t Better

There are two basic types of life insurance, term life and permanent life. The titles make good sense, in that  the term life insurance policies are for set time limits such as 10, 15 or 20 years. These policies are generally much less expensive than permanent policies, but they do not accrue interest, build savings [...]

What Is Term Life Versus Permanent Life Insurance Policies?

The two basic types of life insurance are term life and permanent life insurance. Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific period such as ten years or to a specified date. Conversely, permanent life provides insurance coverage for the remainder of your life. Term life policies provide death benefits to your family in the [...]

Do You Need Your Agent To Provide Clarity?

A life insurance agent needs to be honest with you about what kind of policy they happen to be offering you. There are people in your life who are dependent upon the concept of whether you are being offered a retirement plan or a life insurance plan. Your family members would certainly be worried about [...]

Is a Term Life Insurance Policy Right for Me?

My insurance agent recently suggested that I get a term policy. What are some things I should think about before moving forward? There are many considerations you should have before taking the next step. First of all, why do you need the coverage? You should probably consider term insurance if you need to cover a [...]

How Does The Type Of Policy Affect My Life Insurance?

As there are a great number of types of policies, each policy will affect your life insurance differently. The policy can affect many aspects of the insurance, including whether it has cash or loan value and how long the length of tie is that you must pay premiums on, among other things. Different types of [...]

When Purchasing Life Insurance, Which Policy Is Better To Buy: A Whole Life Policy With A Cash Value Or A Term Life Insurance Policy?

With a Whole Life insurance policy that carries a cash value, the policyholder is paying for the insurance policy and contributing towards a savings plan. This makes the monthly premium higher for the same insurance coverage than that of a term life insurance policy. With this type of policy, they are combining the life insurance [...]

What Are Accelerated Life Insurance Benefits?

The life insurance industry is always evolving. They must in order to maintain their bottom line in this ultra competitive industry. One of the newer developments within the industry is something known as accelerated benefits. They have been created to help those who might need their benefits now, and of course, to increase the profits [...]

What Are the Common Types of Life Insurance Policies?

There are several variations of term life insurance policies. They are the following: Level or declining

Is Term Life Insurance Right for Me?

When looking for life insurance, be aware that there are a few different types of insurance that will pay different benefits. Term life insurance is good only for a certain period of time. The time is set when you purchase the policy. If you cannot afford to spend a lot of money on a policy, [...]

Why You Should Have Cash Value Life Insurance?

Cash value life insurance will pay for your final expenses, and also pay an allotted amount to a beneficiary, in the event of your death. This insurance also offers benefits in instances other than just death. Cash value life insurance is also used to help plan for long term savings, like retirement, depending on how [...]