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New Medicine Saving Lives

When you think of the worst kinds of illnesses and conditions you can get, things like strokes, heart attacks, cancer, and AIDS generally come to mind. Unfortunately, these are also ailments that have historically had unstable treatment options. While many people survive cancer, AIDS, and even debilitating strokes, treatment for any of these life-threatening conditions […]

7 Deadly Bacteria That Will Make You Want to Live in a Bubble

Read about these seven bacteria, many of them found in your body or on things you touch every day, that can kill you.

7 Easy Exercises You Can Do Before Work

Even just doing some simple exercises, taking no more than 15 or 30 minutes, can counteract the hours you’ll spend sitting at work.

Trampoline Exercises, Make Workouts Fun!

Remember how fun it was to bounce on a trampoline in the backyard as a kid? Trampolines are back, and now they’re being used as powerful tools in the pursuit of healthy weight loss. Pair fun with fitness by investing in a mini trampoline. What Are Mini Trampolines? A mini trampoline is essentially the same […]

7 Things to Address In Your Life Insurance Policy

These are just seven of the many things you should address when purchasing a life insurance policy.

Weighty Effects of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a serious disease that affects millions of Americans every day. It is a condition that can alter a person’s state of mind and it does not discriminate. Another disease that does not discriminate is obesity. Obesity is another disease that affects millions of Americans as well. Many now resort to having surgery to […]

8 Ways to Stay Fit in a Sedentary Work Environment

In 2009, 63.1% of adults were either obese or overweight, according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, and the number continues to crawl upwards each year. If you’re just starting your first desk job, you might be gaining weight simply from the reduced activity while keeping the same diet. It can be hard to counteract the long, […]

The Life of Rodney King: 7 Memorable Quotes

In 1991, Rodney King was the victim of police brutality that would set off a wave of public disquiet towards racial discrimination. Forced into the role of a civil rights figure, King’s life became very public from that day onward, uncovering both his saintly attributes and the gritty, dark nature of his alcohol and drug […]

8 Shocking Real-Life Cases of Cannibalism

Dubbed “America’s favorite fictional cannibal,” Hannibal Lecter’s flesh eating ways have been replicated one too many times, making headlines and perhaps sparking a chilling trend. Most recently, the incident in Miami involving a face-gnawing homeless man has led us to research other real-life cases of cannibalism. It’s hard to believe that these flesh-eating cases are […]

Beneficial Bacteria Buddies

Each day, we come into contact with millions of bacteria on surfaces everywhere. Every time you turn a doorknob, or flip a light switch, or even dry your hands off with a clean towel, you pick up and deposit hundreds of different microorganisms. Although many of these are considered germs and can be harmful, recent […]