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8 Ways Funeral Homes Will Try To Rip You Off

Be aware of these funeral scams so that you don’t get taken advantage of during a difficult time in your life.

Whom do I Contact in Regards to Government Regulation of Life Insurance Policies?

Your state government is most likely the primary actor in insurance regulation, as only a few federal laws are in place that actually regulate the insurance industry. Contacting your state government directory or general information at your state government building will likely be the most expedient way to determine the contact information for your state’s […]

What is the Face Value of a Life Insurance Policy?

The face value of your life insurance policy is the total value that the purchased policy is worth. This is the amount stated on the paperwork of your policy, and the number specified in the terms. The number can some times fluctuate though, depending on the terms of the policy, and different investments rates the […]

How Can I Find Contact Information for my State Insurance Department?

Life insurance is usually regulated at the state level rather than the federal level; however, there are some laws created at the federal level that life insurance companies have to follow. “[Insert Your State’s Name Here] State Department of Insurance” is usually what the agency that regulates insurance companies is called commonly. Most states have […]

How to Resolve a Missing Insurance Policy After A Relative’s Death

When a close relative, like a mother or father, dies and their life insurance can not be found, many people are unsure of the next step. Unless you know specific information regarding their policy, like which company carried it and if the policy is still in force, there are a few different possibilities regarding the […]

Can A Consumer Get Life Insurance Information And Documentation In Other Languages, Such As Spanish Or Chinese?

Many life insurance companies market to the Spanish speaking communities, as well as different languages. Most of them have departments dedicated to certain nationalities. They provide literature in quite a number of languages to accommodate their clients. There are also life insurance web sites dedicated to specific languages other than English. When contacting a life […]

Will Moving To A Different State Affect My Life Insurance Policy?

With life insurance, moving to another state will generally not affect your policy as opposed to an auto insurance policy. On the other hand, if you move to another country, your life insurance policy could be affected. If you move to a country with more violence and other war-like activities, your life insurance rates may […]

How Do Life Insurance Cost Indexes Work?

It isn’t always easy to accurately compare costs from one life insurance plan to another. Just relating the prices of one premium to another isn’t quite enough. The policies may have vastly different stipulations, even though the actual costs may be similar. The premiums are subject to change in some policies but not in others. […]

How to Handle Complaints Regarding Your Life Insurance Policy

When something goes wrong with a life insurance plan, things can get very unbalanced. This can cause a great deal of stress not only for your family, but for you as well. There is nothing worse than the feeling that your family will not be taken care of in the matter of your untimely death. […]

Need Help Finding Life Insurance For Non-English Speakers?

If I know someone who needs life insurance but does not speak English, how can I find them an agent? If you know someone who is a non-English speaker and needs life insurance, there are many companies out there that offer agents who speak different languages. These agents are trained to address customers who do […]