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Who Can You Turn to if You Have a Problem With Your Life Insurance?

My insurance agent was not able to help me resolve the problem I had with my life insurance, is there anyone else that I could turn to for help? If your insurance agent was not able to help fix a problem you had with your life insurance, you can take further action. The next thing […]

Do You Need Help In Getting Your Money Back When The Government Takes From Your Life Insurance?

If the state took money from a life insurance policy that I forgot about, is there anyway I can get it back? The state governments may be able to take money from inactive insurance or bank accounts. If you found out that the government has taken from your life insurance policy, you may be able […]

What Is The Reason For Life Insurance Having Lower Premiums For Women?

Is it true that life insurance for women cost less than life insurance for men? If so, what is the reason behind this? Usually, women will get life insurance policies that cost less than men. Insurance companies use statistics to determine their rates. Statistically speaking, women tend to have a much longer life span than […]