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Trampoline Exercises, Make Workouts Fun!

Remember how fun it was to bounce on a trampoline in the backyard as a kid? Trampolines are back, and now they’re being used as powerful tools in the pursuit of healthy weight loss. Pair fun with fitness by investing in a mini trampoline. What Are Mini Trampolines? A mini trampoline is essentially the same [...]

Recent Celebrity Deaths

In the last year or so, several legendary celebrities and acclaimed individuals have passed away, gaining national attention and some controversy. These distinguished people have contributed to the music, entertainment, art, and technology world for years. Each unique in their abilities and contributions, they were loved and respected by all. Dick Clark – April 18, [...]

8 Bizarre Things We Think may Cause Cancer

In a world where the cure for cancer is elusive, the list of carcinogenic substances seems to grow exponentially every day. It seems like everything eventually causes cancer, particularly the things we enjoy in life the most. Instead of responding to growing cancer claims with varying levels of hysteria, it may be better to take [...]

10 Huge Health Factors that Spike Life Insurance Premiums

Shopping for life insurance is something that many avoid, due to the combined factors of enormous hassle and a hesitance to contemplate mortality. In addition, pricey premiums can make the task even more daunting. Here are the ten most common health factors that can send your premiums through the roof. Tobacco Use – The use [...]

10 Types of People Who Need Term Life Insurance and Why

There is a running debate over what kind of life insurance is best, term life insurance or whole life insurance. Basically, term life is less expensive, but it does run out without accruing the cash value and benefits of much more expensive whole life policies. In general, people who can’t afford or who don’t want [...]

Does Drug Usage Increase/Decrease Life Expectancy?

Most people would agree that advances in the pharmaceutical industry have dramatically increased the average life span of industrialized countries. At the same time, addiction to both prescription medications and illicit substances has cut life short for many individuals. Some would say that most harsh chemical solutions should be bypassed whenever possible for a gentler, [...]

How Do I Go About Determining How Much Life Insurance I Need?

A basic review of your liabilities (e.g. outstanding debts, mortgages) and some general estimates of future family expenses (e.g. college tuition, weddings) can give you a rough idea of how much life insurance coverage you should be holding. However, getting a professional analysis of your financial situation and likely future expenses can provide a much [...]

How Can I Find Out About A Life Insurance Company’s Financial Strength?

There are several places to look. These places rate life insurance companies. Although, each of these places use a different rating system and should be compared when trying to research a company. Always get more than one opinion. These places include A.M. Best Company, Moody’s Investor Service, Standard and Poor’s, Duff and Phelps, and Weiss [...]

How Do Life Insurance Companies Calculate The Risk Factors?

Ever since the 17th century, when Edmund Halley, (the famous English astronomer that Halley’s Comet is named after) created the very first scientific table outlining a person’s presumed longevity; insurance companies have had the blueprints to modern-day life insurance plan calculations.  Halley’s “mortality tables”, as they were called, relied heavily on factoring in a person’s [...]

What Happens When There Is More Than One Beneficiary Listed On A Life Insurance Policy, And Who Receives The Money?

When there are more than one beneficiary listed on a life insurance policy, the policy should define who is to receive the funds. If one individual were listed as the primary beneficiary, that person would receive the funds and distribute the funds accordingly. Certain wills and living trusts appoint an administrator of the will to [...]