Baby Boomers’ Healthy Living Directory

Baby Boomers, or people born between 1946 and 1964, are beginning to reach retirement and many will be looking to maintain or improve their health throughout their twilight years, especially as rates of chronic disease continue to rise. However, in the face of misinformation about exercise programs and fad dieting, that can be a daunting and difficult task.

Getting information about health and fitness information from an authoritative source is a crucial step for those looking to improve their health.

Physical Fitness Sites

The President’s Challenge is an Adult Fitness Test, which offers age-rated targets to determine physical fitness levels, as well as information on appropriate levels of exercise at every age.
Bone Builders Exercise Program, to keep bones solid for those over 50, from University of Arizona.
Advice and resources on the need for exercise at every age, from the Centers for Disease Control.
Exercise and Physical Activity, Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging.
Fun exercise and lifestyle activities, that don’t even seem like working out, for both men and women over 40. Try kayaking or horseback riding, hiking or swimming, there are loads of good ideas that are fun as well as fitness oriented.
A decade by decade guide to healthy exercise from Oprah.

Healthy Cooking and Eating

This site offers wonderful healthful delicious recipes, meal planning and health advice. Cooking Light is a cooking and lifestyle magazine/website that shuns trends and fads. As their byline states, it is about the Life Lived Deliciously.
A website with great healthy recipes, community blog with reader recipes and tips, as well as lifestyle information and mutual support.
Meal makeovers and alll new recipes on healthy eating is offered at Food Network.
Nutritional advice for women over 40. This site includes information on good natural sources for vitamins and minerals, as well as supplements.
Nutrition, health, and how to prevent or cope with diseases through better nutrition, at Harvard Public Health.
Nutrition basics from San Juan College.

Healthcare, Health Insurance, and Medicare

Expert advice and insurance from AARP.
Unbiased information on Medicare Plans and supplemental insurance, from Consumer Reports.
The official government site for Medicare is, this link take readers to FAQs, with more information available through additional links.
Information on how Medicare plans work and listings for Medicare insurance providers. This is a part of the website.
A comprehensive list of health insurance providers across the country. Because most health insurance is regulated by states, not all of these providers will be available everywhere.
Frequently asked questions about Health Insurance Reform, from the White House website.
Tips for buying health insurance from the Better Business Bureau.

Boomer Sites and Resources

Official site of the National Association of Baby Boomers with blogs and forums on a huge variety of topics of interest to those over 40.
Best places to live and retire are thoroughly covered as well as all kinds of Boomer Generation information and advice.
Health and wellness, including a variety of handy calculators for food, exercise and health metrics.
Rated a top 10 site for baby boomers by PC Magazine. Information on health and lifestyle as well as activities and news.
An excellent site for lifestyle information, insurance, and advocacy. The AARP, which also offers membership and more.