How Can I Find Out About A Life Insurance Company’s Financial Strength?

There are several places to look. These places rate life insurance companies. Although, each of these places use a different rating system and should be compared when trying to research a company. Always get more than one opinion.

These places include A.M. Best Company, Moody’s Investor Service, Standard and Poor’s, Duff and Phelps, and Weiss Research. These places all provide information on different insurance companies and their financial strengths or weaknesses.

The A.M. Best Company has a book published that can be found in many libraries. Try your local library for it. Or you can go online to and view their website instead.
Weiss Research tends to be a little harsher on their ratings than the others, which means that companies that receive “excellent” and “very good” ratings from them honestly are among the best.
Since they all use different rating systems, compare. This is also just good policy. Do your research. Along with researching the different ratings, make sure that those ratings are the most recent ones. You can search for newer publications or contact the company that is giving the rating directly. Call the company just to make sure that the rating is up to date and accurate.