If I have Been In Remission From Cancer For Several Years, Can I Be Turned Down For A Life Insurance Policy?

If you have previously been diagnosed with cancer and have been in remission, you do have a chance of getting a life insurance policy. The company you select and the policy type you choose will be the determining factors.

There are several thousand insurance companies in the marketplace. Each company, you will find, has their own set of regulations on what is acceptable to cover and what is not. Some companies will take the doctors word that you are cured and issue a policy at the same rates and coverage, as anyone else. Some companies may give you full coverage benefits but at a higher premium. There will also be companies that provide high risk policies that offer low-payout benefits with very high premiums. And finally, of course, there will be some that deny coverage.

Some of these policies may include a risk clause that specifically states, that if you die during a certain time frame there will be no payout of the policy. Once this time frame has elapsed, your policy will be in full force.

Your best bet is to shop around for a policy and have available to you anything that can prove you have been in remission for a period of time. You will be able to find coverage, if you look for a policy in this manner.