In What Way Will My Disability Affect My Getting Approval For A Life Insurance Policy Approval?

This varies by disability. Not every disability will have an effect on how much a life insurance premium will cost or even whether or not, you will get approved for the policy. There are several variables that need to be taken into equation when discussing your disability and its effect on your life insurance.

Chronic illnesses or injuries that could possibly result in your death or will have a deteriorating effect on your health in the future that could influence your chances of approval.

However, disabilities that have come upon you as a result of injury, illness or a single occurrence accident will pose less of a threat of you getting rejected or having to pay a higher premium.

This is because chronic illnesses and injuries that will debilitate you in the future cause you to become a greater liability to the life insurance company, while the second scenario does not increase your risk to the company. The decision to approve or reject your claim will be less affected if your disability falls under the second situation; however, the first situation will most likely raise your premium costs and possibly even prevent you from being insured.