Is Buying More Life Insurance A Good Way To Make An Investment?

While life insurance is a prudent and essential investment in your family’s future, only an appropriate amount of life insurance is going to be a good investment. You should make sure that your life insurance needs are being properly met, but it won’t benefit you to over-insure yourself. If you’re worried about your perceived discipline when it comes to saving or investing money, you should look into structured payments into a savings or money market account and treat them as a required payment.

Some investment firms even have options for automatic payments into your investment account, with such an option you wouldn’t have to consciously seek to save more money but rather would become accustomed to seeing the monthly withdrawals in the same way as any other automatic bill payments you might have. For an even simpler solution, you might also look into simply increasing your 401k withholdings at work or contributing to a company stock purchase plan.