Does Your Life Insurance Policy Include Incontestability Protection?

Life insurance policies are sometimes complex legal documents. They have a few hidden protections that most outside of industry may not be aware of. One of these such provisions is known as the incontestability provision. This is what protects you from having your claims contested after a certain period of time.

The incontestability provision also helps to protect the insurance companies against those who might try to defraud the companies by making fraudulent claims, as soon as they buy up the policy. Some people might try to buy up an insurance policy simply to try to cheat the system and get a payment from the policy. This provision helps to protect against this kind of activity.

After a certain period of time (usually a year or two) the policy claims become incontestable. This gives the vast majority of policyholders the piece of mind that they are seeking in their policies. It tells them that their policies will be honored, if they should have to make a claim.

This provision is just one of many that can be included in life insurance policies. You should carefully look into all of the details of a policy before making any choice to buy one.