Life Insurance Ratings: How Do I Interpret Them?

This depends on the service that you are using. Every place that offers rating will have a different method and scale. To find out how to interpret their ratings properly, find out their grading scale and the definitions of their ratings for each individual rating.

A helpful hint, no matter where you are getting the rating from, is to only choose life insurance companies that have ratings of “very good” or above, even “excellent” ratings. Another helpful hint is to make sure that the rating of any particular company is the most recent rating that the rating service has to offer on that company.

One such of these rating services is Weiss Research. They tend to have ratings that appear lower in comparison to other ratings of the same company. This is because they often are harsher in their rating method; therefore, any company that has a “very good” or “excellent” rating with them truly is above average.

Again, stick only to the companies that receive ratings of “very good” or above. Compare ratings with other rating services. Make sure that the rating is the most current rating offered, and don’t forget to research the meaning of the ratings and how a company is rated for each source.