Mapping U.S. Health Care Leaders 

U.S. healthcare organizations are globally regarded for their excellent treatment standards, groundbreaking research, and key advocacy initiatives. But due to the scope and specificity of U.S. medicine, it isn’t especially easy to determine which facilities are a cut above the rest. Use this list to help you determine which  organizations and key associations or lists of instrumental companies, based on location.


Northeast Health: Northeast Health is a center of nonprofit healthcare organizations in the Northeast United States, involving multiple sites in upper New York and nearby areas. It offers many different healthcare services and potential jobs in the field.

Northeast Health Care Quality Foundation: Farther north you can find the NHCQF, which offers key healthcare services throughout the northern New England States. It is a professional physician association, but has ties to many different health industry causes.

CHN PPO: CHN is a preferred provider organization notable for its networks covering most of New England. The organization is based in New Jersey and is involved in many city-based clients throughout several states.

New England Healthcare Engineer’s Society: For all the Northeast engineers specializing in healthcare maintenance and service, this organization offers news, support, and continuing certification.

MassDevice: This is a directory of all medical device companies and service providers in the Northeast area. It is perfect for seeking repairs or new devices for upgrades and expansion.

Jazd Life Sciences: Distributors in Northeast U.S.: This is a list of distributors that specialize in pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Each link connects you with the company website.


Mid-Atlantic Healthcare: When it comes to medical equipment for the Mid-Atlantic area, it is hard to beat this professional equipment company. Mid-Atlantic specializes in long-term care medical supplies and deliveries that can be counted on.

MACHC: The Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers is a vast organization focused on uniting healthcare communities, spreading location news, and offer support for many community and nonprofit outreach services.

Mid-Atlantic Bio: This organization collects and represents informat on cutting-edge medical research and the latest trends in bioscience. The presentations and investment information are useful for businesses, while the exhibitions the organization manages have widespread appeal.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine: Middle Atlantic Region: This organization helps medical libraries share researches and provides outreach aid for expanding health awareness throughout communities.

Mid-Atlantic Physician Careers: While this site helps doctors find jobs in the area, it goes beyond simple job search tools and adds news, advice, and interactive elements focused on Permanente Medical Group opportunities.

Mid-Atlantic College Health Association: This association encourages the creation and management of healthcare programs in the higher education community. It offers exhibitions, advice, and more.


Midwest Healthcare Engineering: This is a conference/trade show site, but its updates and information show valuable trends in the Midwest healthcare world even if you cannot make it to one of the shows. Look at the Education tab to find out what topics/organizations are currently hot.

PDA: This is an association of more than 10,000 scientists that seeks to influence the pharmaceutical market, include companies in the Midwest sector. There is a contact email for the Midwest rep, but the national website link should probably be one of your first stops.

HCA Midwest Health System: This is a Midwest provider network filled with news, information, and searches designed to help both doctors and patients. Find a provider, look for a job, or learn more about healthcare and health issues.

The Midwesterner: Top Healthcare in the Midwest: This is only a brief blog post, but it references the highest rated hospitals in the Midwest region all in a few paragraphs, including the Cleveland Clinic, the Minnesota Mayo Clinic, and the University of Michigan Hospitals.

MHEGA: The Midwest Healthcare Executives Group and Associates is a networking and information-spreading organization for healthcare leaders across the Midwest states. Volunteer and Membership tabs offer many ways to get involved at the highest levels.

Midwest Medical Equipment: From pharmacy equipment to medication carts, this equipment provider has solutions for a wide variety of hospitals, clinics, and labs.


Southern AIDS Coalition: AIDS is a growing problem in the Southern United States. In addition to providing resources on AIDS, this site collects links to all the major health departments of the Southern states.

SMA: The Southern Medical Association of Alabama is a nonprofit organization focusing on physician support and advocacy.

Southern Healthcare: This is a leading staffing organization that helps link nurses and doctors to positions in addition to providing other healthcare solutions.

Southern States Imaging: This equipment company specializes in imaging equipment such as radiography machines and chiropractic equipment. It serves a broad number of medical fields and has machines for nearly any type of clinic.

Southern Health Partners: This Community Catalyst analysis of Southern Health Partners sums up many of the benefits of this advocacy organization, which helps represent health interests in the Southern States and make a difference in public welfare.

Becker’s Hospital Review: The review may cover hospitals throughout the U.S., but it is notable for inclusions like Jackson Memorial Hospital of Florida and several other famous hospital in Florida and the southern region.


Southwest Medical Associates: This New Mexico organization is a “multispecialty medical group” known for its high-quality, independent medical care. It is typical of the best healthcare quality in the Southwest.

Greater Southwest Medical Associates: This association is both a professionals group and a management service group. This allows it to provide multiple levels of service throughout the healthcare industry, including advice for physicians and patient education.

Southwest Medical: The general name hides one of the strongest Southwest medical equipment companies. Southwest Medical provides products for nearly every type of clinic, care center, and home that exists.

SWCHA: The Southwest College Health Association Connects college health professionals, students, and institutions in a network that shares information and opportunities. It also collects career information for those interested in finding jobs

BioPharmGuy: Pharmacies in the Southwest: This list is self-explanatory and very complete. Search through to find pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies in your Southwest town, or at least those close by. Research and specialty companies are also included.

UT Southwestern Medical Center: UT Southwestern is one of the most acclaimed medical/education centers in the United States, racking up numerous awards and backing them with information, excellent patient service, and resources for students or professionals.


Northwest Health Foundation: This nonprofit organization supports clinics and health outreach to the low income population in the Northwest. It offers grantmaking services, advocacy, and a number of other features for interested clinics.

NW Medical Solutions: Known for its online presence, this distributor of medical supplies has site designed for easy searching and purchasing. It’s numerous categories cover a wide range of disability equipment and medical devices.

WSPA: The Washington State Pharmacy Association collects information on the latest pharma news in the Northwest and what the top companies in the field are doing. Sections on the site offer additional resources, benchmark practices, and connection opportunities.

Kaiser Permanente Health Plans Rank Number 1 in Northwest: Two separate KP health plans recently won Northwest recognition for service quality and customer satisfaction. In these money-saving days, this typically means preventing medical conditions in the first place through encouraging the right lifestyle, something KP excels at.

Northwest Medical Experts: This group provides legal and litigation services for physicians. Malpractice insurance and related issues are always dangers to new clinics. This company stays on the cutting edge of medical consultation and offers legal solutions for common situations.

Providence Health and Services: Northwest Washington: The Everett center has won national honors for the quality of its service, and Providence has a great website even if this clinic is out of reach. The news section, clinic locator, and educational materials are all useful depending on what you need to find.