If My Partner Has Given Birth To A Child Using Artificial Insemination, Can I Have A Rider Added To My Policy To Cover The Child?

According to the insurance industry standards, you must be the parent or legal guardian of a child to add a rider to your life insurance policy. You do not have to be a biological parent.

In the event of a domestic partnership, you can still cover the child, if you have legally adopted the child as your own or have been given express custody rights to share the parenting of that child. If you have been legally deemed a guardian, you have full protection under the law to cover your child on your policy.

If the insurance company does not have specific guidelines for this event, consider going in person to discuss the matter. You may need to bring legal proof that you have responsibility for the child and that you are a guardian.

If for some reason this is not a viable solution, you can take out a separate policy on the child, if you can prove insurable interest.