Life and Death: First Aid Resources

Knowing first aid is an important part of staying safe and understanding what to do if someone around you is hurt. First aid means the preliminary, or first, treatment of an injury. Injuries like bloody noses, concussions, or sprained ankles can be treated quickly with proper first aid until the injured person can see a doctor. The following are resources, lesson plans, and activities to help children and students learn about the importance of first aid. These resources are not a replacement for proper first aid certification, anyone interested obtaining certification in first aid should seek the advice of a licensed instructor.

First Aid Classroom Materials

  • First Aid and Safety Info for Children – use this material in a lesson plan about first aid and safety; including a first aid quiz.
  • First Aid Kit – This lesson plan can be used to teach kids about different first aid items and how they can be used in an emergency.
  • First Aid Kit Checklist – This is a list to help students organize their own first aid kit.
  • First Aid Canisters – This is a great activity for kids in a summer camp or going camping.
  • First Aid Treatments – A printable handout about first aid.
  • Where Does It Hurt? – A lesson plan to help students recognize emergency situations in which someone is injured.
  • CPR & First Aid – An important lesson teaching CPR and first aid procedures.
  • Safety & First Aid Lesson Plans – Use these resources to help engage students learning about first aid and safety.
  • Emergency Main Points – An overview that can be used in the classroom when talking about first aid and how to react.
  • Learn CRP – Printable resources to help educate students about CPR and how to properly administer CPR.
  • First Aid Games – A collection of games to help students learn about first aid and understand why it is so important.
  • First aid Fun – More games and activities with information about first aid. These can be easily incorporated into a lesson plan.
  • First Aid Crossword Puzzle – A printable crossword that can be used to accompany a first aid lesson plan.
  • First Aid Improvisions – When students are caught in an emergency, they may not have the tools or resources talked about in class; use this activity to make sure they are prepared.

First Aid Resources for Kids

  • Fist Aid & Safety – Information for kids about how to react in an emergency and basic first aid.
  • Basic First Aid: What to Do – A website for kids about CPR, first aid, and what to do if they are in an emergency situation.
  • First Aid Resources – This source has tons of information for parents, teachers, and kids about first aid and safety.
  • Kidd Safety – A kid-friendly website about all things safety.
  • First Aid Booklet – Printable information and resources about first aid for kids.
  • CPR Simulator – Learn how to properly perform CPR with the help of this simulation.
  • First Aid Information Sheet – A PDF file with general information about the importance of first aid.
  • Cuts, Scrapes, and Wounds – Learn how to properly clean and dress different types of injuries
  • Common First Aid Accidents – Read about a few of the most common first aid emergencies and how to respond to each.
  • First Aid Injury Chart – A printable PDF cart with pictures and information about what to do and how to treat different injuries.
  • Emergency Phone Number List – A printable PDF form that can be used as a reference guide for emergency phone numbers and important contacts.