Understanding Life in the Golden Years: Gerontology Resources

Gerontology can be best defined as the examination of the biological, psychological, and social factors of aging. Gerontology should not be confused with geriatrics, which is the medicinal branch that studies diseases in old people. The field of gerontology involves investigating the observable signs of people as they age, the process of aging itself, age-related illnesses and their link to natural aging, the effects of older people on society at large, and the application of this information to both programs and policies. Here is an authoritative list of links to resource information on gerontology.

Biogerontology/Medical Gerontology

The Mechanics of Aging: A very comprehensive web page that discusses everything involved with the process of aging.

Aging-related Website Resources: Huge list of links to aging and gerontology websites.

Explanation on Biogerontology from USC Davis: Explains why biogerontology is considered the most significant frontier in age-related research.

National Institute on Aging Website: Web page with links to some studies in biogerontology.

Research Group for Gerontology: Website for news and other interesting items on gerontology.

Biogerontology Research Foundation Website: The website for this group that specializes in research in biogerontology.

Taking on the Aging Process Head on: Article on slowing down the aging process.

Springer – Biogerontology Journal: A journal focusing on biogerontology and offering a platform for research.

Using Alcohol to Slow Aging: Brief information on how moderating drinking may slow aging.

Steps on How to Become a Biogerontologist: Information for those seeking to become a professional in this area.

Psychology of Aging

Information on the Psychology of Aging: Web page that is a mini-resource for the psychology of aging.

The Lab of Cognition and Emotion: Website that explores aging and emotional memory.

Department for Mental Health Disparities and Aging: Website for department that deals with mental health inequalities.

Psychology of Aging: A Lecture: An in-depth lecture on the psychology of aging.

Mental Health in the Aging Population: University website on the mental health deterioration of those aging.

Bethesda Conference – Public Health Reports: The briefs of eight papers on the psychology of aging.

Global Aging – The Psychology of Aging: Informational piece on the psychology of aging.

Cognitive Assessment Definition: Information on a center that assesses the mental health of aging patients.

The Psychology of Aging or Involuntary Melancholy: Short article that talks about the melancholy and aging.

Sociology of Aging

Simulation Exercises for Sociology of Aging: An exercise that educates people on the sociology of aging.

The Complicated System of Successful Aging: A look at the elderly as they age in society.

Want to Know Why to Study Gerontology?: Information about the effects of aging on a society and culture.

Resource Web Page on the Sociology of Aging: A huge resource of links to other websites that deal with the sociology of aging.

Executive Summary on America’s Aging Population: Study conclusion on how to approach the aging in America.

Sociology of Aging and the Body: Exploration of the competing theories of aging.

Reflection on Aging and its Implications: First person essay on what aging really means.

Census Data on an Aging World: Comprehensive census data that chronicles aging across the globe.

Lesson on Social Perspectives on Aging: A lesson plan that aims to teach students about changing societal roles when folks age.

Anthropological Gerontology

Anthropology/Gerontology Group: A group whose primary goal is to study aging across human cultures.

Long Island University – Human Development and Aging: Research lab that investigates effects of aging on African-American women.

Subfield of Anthropological Gerontology: Discussion on the role that this subfield now plays.

The Art of Retirement: Article detailing a project on the cultural meaning of retirement in the US.

Lesson Plan on Aging on Different Cultures: Instructive material on the differences of how cultures treat the aging.

Concern in China over Aging Population: Information on the concern that China is feeling over its aging population.

Aging in the Hmong Culture: Student mini-essay on raising awareness about professional healthcare services for aging Hmong people.

Resource Page for Aging and Culture: Web page that features several links that discuss culture and aging.

America is Aging: Article about the challenges that seniors face.

Aging Views from Different Cultures: Short paragraphs that compare the differences in aging between various cultures.

General Gerontology Resources

The American Society for Aging: Resource page that provides information on many groups dedicated to aging issues.

AAGP Website: Society that is dedicated to fighting for the mental health of aging people.

Elder Justice & Policy Advocacy Organization: Group that focuses on advocating for elder law and aging issues.

The School of the Social Sciences: A website for the research of aging.

Careers in Aging as a Consideration: Short write-up for anyone thinking of a career in aging.

National Council on Aging Homepage: Website for this organization that advocates for the aging.

Website of the Institute of Life Course and Aging: Website of institute that does research into aging.

Center for the Study of Human Development and Aging Website: Center that is committed to researching aging.

The Center for Aging from the Baylor College of Medicine: Research center that studies aging.

The Aging Research Center Website: Center that is engaged in many areas of research related to aging.