Resources For The Health And Life Of Your Child

One of the major responsibilities of parents is to care for the health and life of their children. Whether you have a child who’s suffering from ADHD, autism, asthma or infection diseases, it’s important to know how to deal with the situation. There are also health concerns like second hand smoke, nutrition, exercise, and sports injuries. Fortunately, the Internet has a lot of resources on the subject of children’s health. Here’s the ultimate resource center for children’s health and life.


  • ADHD: Presents definition, symptoms, treatment, causes, medications, and other information on ADHD.
  • Data & Statistics: Offers ADHD data and statistics, medication treatment, diagnosis, peer relationships, injury, and economic cost.
  • General Information: The National Human Genome Research Institute provides general information on ADHD.
  • Resources: Covers such ADHD topics like ADHD in children, stimulants for ADHD, symptoms of ADHD, ADD & ADHD, hyperactivity, and more.


  • Asthma in Children: Resource center with information on diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, prevention, disease management, and more.
  • Asthma Children & Smoking: Discusses how smoking parents can affect asthma children.
  • Management: A guideline to help parents manage asthma in children with information on long-term treatment, methodology, recommendations, and more.
  • Publications & Resources: Provides a lot of resources to help parents deal with asthma in children.


  • Food Allergy in Children: Offers information on eating problems in children and food allergies.
  • Egg Allergy: Presents information on egg allergy like raw and cooked eggs, outgrowing the allergy, egg in chicken meat, and more. 
  • Life-Threatening Food Allergies: Provides guidelines and prevention tips for children with serious allergy problems.
  • Milk Allergy: The article discusses the problem of milk allergy in children.


  • Autism: The fact sheet covers common signs, diagnosis, treatment, and symptoms of autism.
  • Information: Provides resources on autism signs and symptoms, screening and diagnosis, treatments, causes, and more.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder: Offers general information and possible signs of autism spectrum disorder.
  • Help: Presents information to parents for helping and understanding the problems of autism in children.

Second Hand Smoke

  • Cancer: The National Cancer Institute presents information on how second hand smoke is related to cancer.
  • Risks to Children: Explores the risks of second hand smoke to children with steps to prevent it.
  • Children & Secondhand Smoke: The study highlights the dangers of secondhand smoke to children.
  • Children’s Health: Presents information on how second hand tobacco smoke can affect the health of children.

Heart Conditions

  • Children & Teenagers: A look at the risk factors of heart disease in children and teenagers.
  • Pediatric Heart Conditions & Problems: Provides information on diagnosis, treatment, and symptoms of various types of congenital heart defects.
  • Statistics: The American Heart Association offers statistics on cardiac disease in children.
  • Kawasaki Syndrome: Offers information on the illness which can cause heart problems in children.


  • Diabetes: The National Diabetes Education Program presents an overview of the occurrence of diabetes in children and adolescents.
  • Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: Come here to learn about this type of diabetes in children.
  • Management: The Vermont Department of Health offers recommendations for the management of diabetes in schools.
  • Basics: The American Diabetes Association provides information on types of diabetes, symptoms, prevention, and more.

Infection Diseases

  • Urinary Tract Infections: Provides information on signs, diagnosis. Treatment, tests, long-term effects of urinary tract infections.
  • Head Lice Infection: Shows how you can manage head lice infection in children.
  • Staying Healthy: The module explains how parents can help to prevent infectious diseases in childcare.
  • Common Infectious Diseases: Covers rashes and skin disorders, respiratory illness, and other infections.


  • MyPyramid: The essential tool for parents who are concerned with the nutrition of their children.
  • Life Stages: Provides resources on nutrition for children and parents.
  • For Parents & Caregivers: Excellent nutrition resource center with links to featured articles, web sites, publications, and organizations.
  • Kids World: A great place for kids to learn about the food pyramid, nutritional label, 5-A-Day, and more.


  • Best for Bones: Offers information on a list of activities which are great for bones like badminton, cheerleading, dancing, hiking, and more.
  • Move It!: A chart to help children plan their physical exercise regime.
  • Exercise for Children: Plenty of resources for children who want to exercise.

Sports Injuries

  • Sports Injuries: Provides information on sports injuries in children and how to prevent them.
  • Causes & Treatments: Learn the causes and treatments for sprains and strains, bursitis and tendonitis, ACL injury, shin splints, and more.