Trampoline Exercises, Make Workouts Fun!

Remember how fun it was to bounce on a trampoline in the backyard as a kid? Trampolines are back, and now they’re being used as powerful tools in the pursuit of healthy weight loss. Pair fun with fitness by investing in a mini trampoline.

What Are Mini Trampolines?

A mini trampoline is essentially the same thing as a trampoline on a smaller scale. Instead of the backyard play thing that families use to provide outdoor entertainment, a mini trampoline is generally kept inside because of its small size and the fact that it is primarily used for personal fitness purposes.

Sometimes mini trampolines are called rebounders because of the movement associated with using a trampoline. There may be a bar present on the trampoline that is intended to be used for stability purposes.

Benefits of a Trampoline Workout

Energise For Life outlines the many benefits that can be enjoyed by using a mini trampoline for fitness purposes.

One of the biggest benefits is that using a mini trampoline is an effective workout that provides no impact. People suffering from arthritis or other ailments that make stress on the joints painful and possibly dangerous can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle when using a mini trampoline.

Mini trampoline workouts have been proven to be more effective than jogging, and there has been research linking the exercise tool to higher energy levels throughout the day. Not only do people using a mini trampoline for exercise enjoy more energy on a daily basis, but they have also been found to burn more calories over the course of a day due to a higher metabolism.

Working out on a mini trampoline also offers many of the benefits that are commonly associated with cardiovascular exercises. These workouts strengthen the heart, lower blood pressure and increase the efficiency of an individual’s circulatory system.

Beginner Trampoline Workouts reminds exercisers that mini trampolines can be used by people just starting a workout routine or those who are recovering from injuries. The first exercise that a person should do on a mini trampoline is bouncing without actually jumping off of the surface of the trampoline. This gives users a chance to get familiar with the movement of the trampoline.

Jogging on a mini trampoline is a simple exercise that gives beginners a lot of cardiovascular benefits. Jumping jacks and simply jumping up and down on the trampoline are two other exercises that do not require complex instructions or video explanations to complete.

All of these exercises strengthen the legs. These workouts allow people with injuries in the knees or other parts of the leg to benefit from a no-impact workout that can assist them in getting their strength and range of motion back following an injury.

Advanced Trampoline Workouts

One way to take mini trampoline workouts to the next level and add some toning of the arms and core in addition to the legs is by using the trampoline to complete dance moves. Many dance moves that are common for aerobic workout routines can be made no-impact with the addition of a mini trampoline. Be sure to be completely comfortable with the movement associated with the trampoline before attempting dance moves to avoid the risk of injury.

Cross Training

Although mini trampoline workouts are fun and have many benefits, it is still important to add other workouts to an individual’s weekly fitness schedule to prevent injury and maintain overall fitness. The American Council of Exercise stresses that cross training is important no matter what a person chooses as a main fitness pursuit.

Cross training means that an individual makes an effort to vary workouts to decrease the possibility of repetitive use injuries, improve overall fitness and give the body enough of a variety in workouts to keep the metabolism high and weight loss steady.

Two or three days dedicated to strength training every week are a must. While many people argue that they are not interested in becoming body builders and would not like to bulk up, strength training can actually be used to establish lean muscle mass and give the body a toned look. Not only does strength training improve physical appearance, but it also strengthens the body and increase metabolism.

Including different cardiovascular exercises can assure that an individual does not suffer from injuries related to doing the same exercise every day. Remember to include a rest day every week so that the body has a chance to recover from both cardiovascular workouts and strength training.

Keeping Your Workout Fun

Despite the fact that trampolines are associated with childhood memories of having fun outside, it is still possible for a mini trampoline workout to get stale and boring if a person chooses to engage in the same workout day after day. How can a person keep workouts fun while using the same equipment on a regular basis?

One suggestion from is to set goals and work toward reaching these goals. For example, assume that an individual is currently in the beginning stages of using a mini trampoline. If this individual researches several different exercises of varying difficulty, goals can be made to be able to properly integrate progressively harder exercises into the workout routine.

If the mini trampoline workout is still boring, consider changing the scenery or lessening the amount of mini trampoline workouts per week. Maybe working out on a trampoline at a gym or moving the trampoline outdoors during good weather is just the boost needed to keep the workout fresh. Cutting back to a mini trampoline workout once or twice a week while adding in other types of workouts is also an acceptable way to keep fitness fun.