Following A Divorce, What Will Happen To My Spouse Rider In My Life Insurance Policy?

Spouses are often included on life insurance as a rider. This means that rather than having their own policy, they are added to an existing policy as a provision. After divorce, many decide to cancel this provision from their policy. This provision should be allowed to lapse. Generally, canceling this provision will require providing your life insurance company with a copy of the divorce decree. Once this provision is eliminated, the total cost for the policy will be reduced and the former spouse will no longer be covered by the life insurance. This means that should the former spouse pass away, no death benefit would be granted.
Of course, divorce often does not eliminate the need for life insurance. Before canceling the rider provision, look at your specific policy closely, there may be programs that will allow the rider policy to transition into its own individual policy.
Divorce will have no effect on any rider children that are included in the policy.