When Should A Newly Married Couple Buy Life Insurance?

After we get married, how long should we wait to buy life insurance?

If you are getting married, life insurance should be the first thing you buy as a married couple. In fact, if it is possible you should buy life insurance before you get married. Marriage is a bond that will bring you and you husband together both emotionally and financially. If one of you unexpectedly pass away, there are financial obligations that the other spouse needs to take care of. If you get life insurance, you will set your mind at ease in case of a tragic accident.

The longer you go without life insurance for you and your spouse, the more risk you are taking. You may not buy life insurance until a life changing event occurs, such as the birth of your first child or the purchase of your first home. However, waiting until these events could cost you. The longer you wait to get life insurance, the more expensive it will become. If you buy a life insurance policy as soon as you tie the knot, you will surely save rather than waiting a few years down the road when you have a child and a house. The decision is up to you, but the early you buy, the better off you will be.