Which Life Insurance Choice Is Best For Disabled People: Group Life Or An Individual Policy?

For people who are disabled and need insurance, there is always the option of a group life insurance policy. No longer do disabled people have to worry about not being able to have insurance, or that they have to depend on others for their insurance. Many companies do not ask people who apply to state whether or not they are disabled, when trying for a group life insurance policy. This is wonderful for people who are in fear of being rejected for having a disability. If someone doesn’t ask about any disabilities or illness, they cannot legally reject you later for having any type of problem. The reason is because when someone is insured, the people who do the insuring actually collect funds from a group of people instead of just one person. The majority of the people who apply are in good health, so it actually makes up for the difference for those who are in a more critical state of health.

Group policies aren’t as mobile as individual policies though, so more care must be taken. If you happen to be insured through an employer and quit that employer, they are no longer obligated to provide life insurance coverage. This is why it is very important to have all bases covered when applying. If you doubt you will be at your job for extended time, try to get an out of work policy. This may be more expensive, but it will be well worth it in the end.