Will My Life Insurance Company Require a Medical Exam?

In general, it will be necessary to undergo a medical exam to obtain full life insurance coverage. In order to properly assess the risk that your policy represents to the company, some basic medical information will be required for actuarial purposes. The insurance company will set your premium rates based on the amount of risk that such a policy will create. With very basic or limited plans usually a medical questionnaire will suffice, with an exam only necessary in certain circumstances. The more coverage you opt for, or if your questionnaire reveals the likelihood of an underlying health problem, the more likely it is that you will be required to undergo an exam.

If you are required to undergo a medical exam for your life insurance company, make sure that the exam is at the insurance company’s expense and is convenient for you. Exact levels of coverage that can be purchased before an exam is required; will vary from company to company. Exceptionally large policies may require more extensive exams.